About Us

The Instituto Diálogo Eurobrasil  – IDEB (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) it’s an organisation that supports, coordinates, promotes and follows projects in different  fields in order to promote Associations, Not for Profit Organisations and community institutional development as well as search for a permanent dialogue between the international community and Brazil with the aim of reinforcing and promoting countries integration. Founded by it’s current president, Mrs Marie Annick Mercier, on November 7th 2001 IDEB has been supporting the implementation of national and international projects in many different fields such as social, educational, environmental, sporting, scientific, technological and cultural.


The Instituto Diálogo Eurobrasil  promotes and develops the following actions as a way of accomplishing your mission:
Business and governmental cooperation in various areas, searching for a permanent dialogue between the international community and Brasil.
Activities that stimulates volunteering in order to promote economic and social development (first jobs), gender equality and fight poverty.

National and International projects of social, educational, environmental, amateur sport, scientific, technological and cultural nature – including arts and the preservation of our historical heritage.