The Instituto Diálogo Eurobrasil – IDEB (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) it’s an organisation that supports, coordinates, promotes and follows projects in the health field in order to help Brazil’s development through prevention of diseases and cure for those in need. Thereby, if you have a project in this field or if your business or institution would like to promote their brand through the support and association to any of those projects, talk to us so we can establish a successful partnership.

10/09/2009– Cancer prevention

With the previous experience of supporting 2008 campaign for breast cancer prevention, by the French Brazilian Oncology Society President, Carla Ismael, IDEB shared, in 2009, a proposal for a new campaign called “Pink for life: For those seeking a cure”, from the same society. This campaign tried to create awareness about the importance of detecting the disease in an early stage, brought positive messages for the public and other actions inspired by successful campaigns in Europe and the USA. Also helped women performing routine exams at the right time and have access to the right treatments.

17/03/06- Supporting Inca

With a passionate performance also in healthcare, IDEB, in partnership with the French Embassy, supported the Instituto Nacional do Câncer – INCA (National Institute of Cancer) in the series of lectures of Jean-Louis Lefebre, a professor from Centre Oscar Lambret, in France. Those lectures were part of a congress “Current Perspectives in the Treatment of Larynx Cancer” from IV International Theoretical Course – Practical Surgery of the Larynx, at INCA’s site, Praça da Cruz Vermelha, Rio de Janeiro.

In that occasion, IDEB initiated a dialogue with the French Brazilian Oncology Association about the cancer prevention campaign, idealised by it’s president, Carla Ismael.