Social and Educational

Social and Educational field

The Instituto Diálogo Eurobrasil – IDEB (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) it’s an organisation that supports, coordinates, promotes and follows projects in the social field, specially those focused in education, in order to help Brazil’s development. IDEB understands that education is the foundation for a better world. Thereby, if you have a project in this field or if your business or institution would like to promote their brand through the support and association to any of those projects, talk to us so we can establish a successful partnership.

06/07/09- I French-Brazilian Human Resources and Formal Education Meeting

The IDEB participated in a seminar about economic service organised by the French Embassy, the CCFB and SEBRAE. “The lectures enriched our ideas and actions for employment and professional education – two of the main areas we believe need the most investment by the government and private sector”, sad Marie-Annick Mercier.

29/07/09 – Bolsa Família (Child Benefit)

The IDEB invited the Italian sociologist Débora Spini, from Florence University, to come to Rio de Janeiro, where IDEB’s head office is. She is one of the academics who develops researches on Bolsa Família program (Child Benefit), for the Federal Government, along with others from Minas Gerais, Maranhão, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. IDEB believed and invested on an academic dialogue between Brazil and Italy and, for that, it had the invaluable support from Italy’s Consul, Humberto Manalti, Italian economic advisor Antonello Confente, Law and Technology Comittee President for the Brazilian Lawyers Institute, Ana Maria Castro, Social Responsibility Manager, José Isaac Lerer, National Supply Company (Conab) Regional Superintendent, Marcelo Junqueira, Uni-Rio’s Legal Sciences and Politics Doyenne, Flora Strozenberg and Uni-Rio’s professor Wander Bastos.

24/07/08 – Motorcycle courier drivers project

IDEB presented to SEBRAE a training proposal for Motorcycle courier drivers from Morro dos Tabajaras, leveraging learnings from Tráfego Legal project. In that occasion, there was a meeting between the motorcycle drivers representative and SEBRAE’s Special Projects advisors. The dialogue between the association and the public institution was marked by a sense of hope on a permanent partnership thanks for IDEB’s role as a mediator.

18/08/08 – Motorcycle courier drivers project

This is a special date for IDEB because, on this day, DETRAN-RJ included the motorcycle courier drivers from Morro dos Tabajaras in the “Minha Profissão” (My occupation) project after a request from Marie-Annick Mercier. “We were very grateful to DETRAN’s president and to the project leaders. Being included in this project is very important for their citizenship. For years I have been their sponsor and IDEB has been disseminating Detran-RJ’s project in France because of it’s huge success in Brazil”, said Marie-Annick.

07/07/2007 – Campaigning for Citizenship

IDEB and “Tráfego Legal” project worked together with motorcycle couriers to raise awareness about the importance of health and safety for those in that business, specially using a helmet while working.  IDEB also organised a peace parade where dozens of people wore white t-shirts.

In Duque de Caxias, on 14th of April 2005, o Instituto Diálogo EUROBRASIL (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) supported mayor Washington Reis to plan investments able to generate jobs and income for the city. For that, he counted with the support of Ms. VarsoToppijian and Christian Bazantay, General Director and General Secretary from Servier Monde, respectively and Mr. François Haas, Turbomeca do Brasil President – all invited by CODIN’s President, Maurício Jacur.

08/06/2006- Rio: Campaigning for Citizenship

Together with the motorcycle courier drivers, IDEB created a meeting venue at the Morro dos Tabajaras so they could discuss problems affecting they’re work. Such as: lack of driving license among young people working as motorcycle couriers. “We discovered that many young people from that community would like to stop living in the margins of society, be respected  and stop being target of prejudice. Eventually, we also discovered some very talented people among the drivers families and friends. That’s a reassurance since IDEB always believed in it’s duty towards Brazilian young people. We will help them or we’ll find someone that will. We believe in a “contagious” idea, meaning that someone will feel compelled to help others with less”, explained Marie-Annick, in that occasion.

Based on this passionate drive – reflection of Marie-Annick in her own institution and brand – IDEB stepped up efforts aiming raise awareness about the community’s civil liability: “As always, we encouraged the dialogue between community and society, between police and the excluded”, prayed  Marie-Annick.

09/05/2005- Publicising Baixada Fluminense

IDEB went back to take care of it’s interests in Rio de Janeiro and Baixada Fluminense Communities, specially to the great variety of social projects focused on solidarity and charity. “We visited distant sites where projects targeting children, pregnant women and sick people were taking place and we gave them a word of love, of support. We always have the aim of making their life better and we can not afford to be impressed by their tough reality and needs to the point of being paralysed. We have to find solutions. And when IDEB doesn’t have the tools to do this, we team up with others that can. That’s why we need partners, people who believe in our view and have a positive perspective towards Brazil’s future. Someone that is willing to talk about Brazil’s beauty and not only about it’s sadness. This is a fantastic country and we are committed to show this to the world”, says Marie-Annick.

The Instituto Diálogo EuroBrasil (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) supported “Pelo primeiro emprego” project (for the 1st job project) in Brasília through French Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. They signed an agreement on August 4th 2004, in Rio de Janeiro, to work together towards professional education of 200 young people here in our country.


IDEB participated in a solemnity to formalised that 100 young people were able to enter the job market and find their 1st job through Consórcio Social da Juventude do Rio de Janeiro, a National Program towards finding and stimulating first time jobs for younger people.


The Instituto Diálogo EuroBrasil (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) has been concerned about many aspects of civil society. Recently, started helping Motorcycle courier drivers trough “Brasil Plus” project implemented in Rio de Janeiro “favelas”. Mr. Wilson Guedes de Oliveira, President of Love and Moto Cooperative, was in a meeting at IDEB’s office where he helped this institution contacting congressman Carlos Santana – who gave them access to a copy of documents proceeding at the House of Representatives related to express transportation. This express transportation project -published in Jornal do Comércio, Jornal O Dia, Jornal do Brasil, O Povo and Globo – consisted of the operational development of motorcycle taxi service in poor areas taking advantage of their potential and finding a way to diminish traffic problems in the streets and keep young people away from trouble.


The Instituto Diálogo EuroBrasil (EuroBrasil Dialogue Institute) promoted the MEDEF (french equivalent to Brazilian FIESP and FIRJAN institutions) visit to the Nova Iguaçu city hall to investigate investment potential given the city international projection.


IDEB participated in the certification event of the first class of young people from Consórcio Social da Juventude, in Rio de Janeiro. At this event, new business partnerships were signed and there was also a panel with the Executive Secretary of Labor and Employment Ministry, Alencar Ferreira, the judge Siro Darlan and the musician DJ. Malboro and Rapper MV Bill.